Graphene Diaphragm = Superior Performance

  • Transducer design functions as both electrostatic speaker and/or microphone-ultrasonic sensor

  • Novel, Patent Pending design

  • Developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory – UC Berkeley

  • Graphene diaphragm is thinner, stronger and extremely responsive

  • 100% air dampening vastly improves response and energy efficiency

  • Proprietary power/signal Integrated Circuit (IC) chip will support transducer

  • IC and Software designs will drive new transducer applications

* Electrostatic Headphones: How They Work and Why they Sound Better


GraphAudio’s 100% Graphene Transducers Will Displace “Dynamic” Speakers, the Current Standard in Audio Technology


The same market forces that have made Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT) a relic – lighter, thinner, higher resolution, faster response, lower power and cheaper – will power GraphAudio’s Graphene Transducer into the audio market

Graphene speakers are 1/10th the weight, 1/3rd the thickness, better performance, more capability, uses MUCH less power and a simple design make it more manufacturable.

Big Data Analysis of Voice Interface – many analytical possibilities

Mix of transducers/chips/software

  • Hi Res audio

  • NFC and echo location

  • Security/voice-device interface

  • Mobile wellness monitoring and reporting

  • Affective Computing

Spectral voice model/analysis expanded

  • Speech pattern and content analysis

  • Ambient acoustic analysis

  • Voice synthesis

GraphAudio’s Graphene Transducers Sweep Ultrasonic Range, with a Wide Bandwidth for Data Transfer

These Transducing Sensors Have High Sensitivity and High Fidelity (low distortion or THD) Due to Air Dampening

Inventors have demonstrated results with flat-band response in published Zhou/Zettl article

  • Significant industrial applications:

    • Autonomous driving sensors – expand beyond backing and door sensors

    • Near Field location sensors for drones and Enhanced VR/AR experience

    • Near Field Communications – device to device data transfer