A Revolutionary New Acoustic Platform


GraphAudio is launching a revolutionary new acoustic platform for consumer electronics and enterprise systems integrating the first-ever 100% graphene proprietary electrostatic micro transducers (speakers/ microphones/sensors), proprietary electronics, and proprietary contextually aware voice operation software.


GraphAudio’s 100% graphene transducers have no distortion, run on much lower power, have better form factors and weigh much less than the vast majority of current technology, and can be economically produced in high volume utilizing high technology foundries.


GraphAudio is finally bringing the promise of 100% graphene acoustics to commercial reality for mobile and connected devices - and beyond.


The Mission

To become the leader in acoustic sensing, micro-speakers and microphones in mobile, consumer and enterprise electronics.

Integrated Circuits

Enabling a new era of mobile and IoT products.


Scientists in England uncover an amazing nano-material called graphene.


They win the Nobel Prize For Physics for their discovery.


Qin Zhou and Alex Zettl at the University of California, Berkeley realize that graphene would make a great electrostatic speaker diaphragm material and they publish a widely recognized paper about their invention.

The Dawn of the Revolution


GraphAudio obtains the exclusive rights to commercialize the Zhou/Zettl patents from the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.


The first GraphAudio developed transducers play music.

“Qin Zhou and A. Zettl of the University of California at Berkeley realized the newly discovered material graphene could make a great electrostatic [diaphragm] material...  
…Thin, conductive, and strong with a high spring constant, graphene could prove to be the material diaphragms of the future are made of, not gel. Due to the combination of properties, graphene speakers could be several magnitudes more energy efficient than current speaker design, leading to some great new applications.”
— The HeadPhoneList.com 1/16/14


The Holy Grail of Micro Speaker Diaphragm Material